At Pentagon Shape our machinery is second-to-none. Our industry-leading technology comprises everything you would expect, from our 5-axis water jet cutting machine to laser etching machines, so every shape, detail and size of product can be worked on.

5 axis’s waterjet. (The benefits )

Water-jet cutting combines use of a very high-pressure jet of water with computerised mapping technology. This allows materials to be cut into different shapes and sizes with the utmost precision and detail. Furthermore, the 5-axis controlled head add the ability to rotate, tilt and angle the cutting head for even better accuracy and this allows us to cut complex shapes to any depth in any material, with the smoothest of finishes. This gives designers and architects free reign with their design plans.

There are two techniques applied to this type of cutting.

Abrasive water-jet cutting uses abrasive sand mixed with a high-pressure jet of water to form an intricate cutting tool. There is a huge range of materials suitable for this approach, ranging from acrylic, bronze, aluminium and Perspex to stone and ceramics. Alternatively, our water-only cutting approach is perfect for materials such as foam, rubber, plastics and other non-metallic materials, including rubber, silicone and carbon fibre. We are always happy to discuss the best approach and tools for your project.

Our machine saves time and moneyand its purpose-built 4x2m bed with hydraulic frame allows slabs to be placed on it horizontally, reducing the chances of breakage. This is so important now that porcelain tiles are being produced at greater sizes to replicate other materials.

Watch our film to see this impressive machine in action.

CNC milling

Milling, etching and other machinery

If your piece does not require complete cutting, or you would like to add grooves, to tiles or steps, our CNC milling machine is the most efficient option for your job. From swimming pool grates to edging and skirting, lettering and exterior work, the computer numerical control aspect of the machine produces perfect results every time.

Laser etching

Our laser etching machine essentially burns a small amount of material off the top of the stone and etches a pattern onto it, in much the same way as a printer. This machine is perfect for decorative pieces, glass and signage.

Wet wheel cutters for standard porcelain and stone pieces

Our wet wheel cutters are perfect for standard porcelain and stonework requiring a quick turnaround. They can create bevelled tiles, perfect shapes and refines and polishes pieces to the highest quality standard.