At Pentagon Shape, we work with the full range of materials required for commercial and residential projects. We specialise in and most frequently work with natural stone, porcelain, metal, glass and terrazzo.

Almost any material can be cut using our water-jet cutter. One of the major benefits of this incredible machine is that it does not use physical heating in the process, so materials remain unaffected without any chance of warping.

However, there are projects that require other machinery either in addition to the water-jet cutter or instead of it. Depending on the requirements for any given project, rest assured, we approach each material with the most suitable tools for the job.


Cutting to shape is our speciality. From bespoke mosaic work to the creation of vanity unit tops and entire sinks made of porcelain fitted together with mitred edges, no job is too large or detailed for our water-jet cutter.

Natural Stone

Natural stone, being thicker than porcelain, requires specialist tools. We can supply and work with a multitude of stones and we also specialise in stone restoration work. At Pentagon Shape we often recreate pieces for listed buildings and use milling techniques to add detail as required.


Our machines can cut glass for a variety of residential and commercial projects. From glass tiles and backsplashes to balustrades and table tops, or projects with mitred edges, Pentagon Shape can cut precisely and do decorative and etching work as required. We are able to do work on pre-toughened glass as long as the cutting process takes place before toughening.

Sheet Metals

We are often briefed to work on metal to create decorative or architectural details to the precise specification of a designer. Metal types range from Core 20 to stainless steel and brass. Our water-jet cutter cuts metal with ease and leaves a smooth finish with perfect angles. Unlike results from a traditional water cutter, no material properties are changed in the process, and no warping occurs due to the lack of physical heating.

Terrazzo Tiles and Slabs

Terrazzo’s current popularity means that we are frequently asked to work with slab in this material. Our machines create mitred pieces, worktop cut-outs and edge details as well as a range of tile formats with ease and we often find commercial solutions to design challenges in 20, 30 and 40mm thickness Terrazzo Slabs up to 3000×1250 in size.